Minutes from meeting held on 17th January 2017

Stenhousemuir Parent Council meeting

Held on 17th January 2017 @ 18.30 in the Staff room, Stenhousemuir Primary School

In Attendance:

Kirsty Wiseman (Chair)   Parent Councillor

Alison McBride (Vice)    Parent Councillor

Michelle Campbell         Secretary

Carole Cowie                 Treasurer

Sharon Ritchie               Acting HT

Morag Donald               Teacher

Leanne Aitchison           Parent Councillor

Chris Gunn                    Parent Councillor



Theresa Cameron          Parent Councillor

Gillian                           Parent Councillor




  1. Kirsty welcomed everyone to the meeting and the previous minutes (28th September 2016) were agreed.




  1. Kirsty updated everyone on the Head Teachers post, she explained that none of the previous candidates were considered suitable and so the post had been re-advertised.  She had been advised that her pack for the next round of interviews was ready and she would try to collect this as soon as possible.  Chris, Leanne and Alison will be attending the interview with Kirsty.


ACTION: Kirsty to let Mrs Ritchie know who is attending the school visit on Wednesday




3.1 Sharon advised that she was going to update the school newsletter to only include important dates, staffing and important information as all other pictures and information were now being uploaded using the schools Dojo and Twitter.  She went over the arrangements for Mrs. Quinn’s maternity leave and cover that would be put in place. She will be going on maternity leave herself and she explained that discussions would take place regarding cover for her.  The subject of putting letters onto Class Dojo was going to be raised at the next staff meeting.  It was agreed that going forward Class Dojo would be used to get more information out to parents.

3.2 Standards & Quality Report – General feedback on this new format was positive and made it much easier to read, the Pupil Council were also happy with the new look.  It was discussed whether the Parent Council should choose one point that the school wanted to work on and try and help achieve this goal by various means such as funding etc.  It was agreed that Sharon would source the information on what equipment was needed and the costs, the Parent Council would be able to fund up to £500 at this time for this.




4.1Carole updated everyone that the administration fee would be going into the account shortly as they had been finalised.Carole will send Michelle the Constitution and this will be signed by everyone at the next meeting.



  1. A.O.B    

5.1  Leanne explained that the PTA were looking to make the next disco a film night and would update nearer the time, they are also funding rubber matting underneath the Trim Trail as this was getting very muddy.  A number of parents had approached Leanne to discuss the issue with the children’s cloakrooms. They have asked the PC to consider funding new cloak hooks.  The group felt at this time that any extra funding should be allocated to purchasing additional science equipment for the school.  When additional funding has been found then the PC will address this matter again. In the meantime another solution for the cloakrooms should be sought.

5.2   Morag raised the issue of which charities the school will support in the coming months.  The Big Pedal, Comic Relief and Polio awareness by the Rotary Club were potential events for March. There were concerns raised on the pressure placed on parents to contribute to so many events. It was agreed that Morag would speak to the Rotary to invite them to visit the school to raise awareness with the children.  The school would do some fundraising later on in the year and give them the proceeds.  The group felt that most parents and children expected the school to raise money for Red Nose Day, this was agreed.

5.3   The Children’s Wellbeing Survey was discussed; this is an online survey for P5-P7 children to complete in school.  Sharon advised that parents would receive information about this where there is an opportunity for parents to opt out if they did not wish their child to take part, there will be at least 2 weeks between the forms going home and the survey taking place.  There was a slight concern that the children would put ‘desirable’ answers however this is an issue beyond PC involvement.



Meeting closed @ 19.30


Pre- Meeting             24th February 2017, The Plough (PC and new members only)


Next Meeting             7th March, Stenhousemuir Primary School Staff Room (Open to all)