Outdoor Learning and Play Working Group

Last year a group of teachers formed to discuss how we can promote outdoor learning in the school.

They began by discussing what provisions are already in place to allow for outdoor learning and play.

An audit of how pupils feel about their playground was carried out and a questionnaire was given to parents to find out which toys/equipment they would allow their children to bring in from home for the playground.  
From this we were able to produce a list of toys/equipment suitable for pupils to bring into the playground from home.  

Playground equipment will be bought in for each playground with the responsibility for these being given over to the playground staff. 

An order of resources and equipment was produced to allow the set up of an Indoor/Outdoor room to be timetabled and used by all classes in the new session. 

Here is a list of items that children are now allowed to bring to school to play with at break and lunch. 
These items must be kept by the pupils during the day and are the pupils own responsibility to look after. Where possible, your child’s name and class should be on the equipment. We also ask that you discuss with your child whether or not you give them permission to swap with other children.

  • Books/Stationary 
  • Diablo 
  • Skipping Ropes 
  • Chalk 
  • Hula hoops 
  • Action Figures 
  • Playing Cards 
  • Soft Balls 
  • Marbles (p4-7 only)